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Tracking the elusive Brush-tailed Phascogale

  ARCUE, in collaboration with VicRoads, are undertaking a study of the road-crossing behaviour and habitat use of Brush-tailed Phascogales in the Watson’s Creek area (near the Sugarloaf Reservoir between Hurstbridge and Yarra Glen, NE of Melbourne). Brush-tailed Phascogales are small (approximately 200g, and about the size of a rat), arboreal, carnivorous marsupials from the […]

Managing our nocturnal neighbours – public forum

A special public forum exploring the interactions between people and bats in a rapidly urbanising world will be held on April 11th at the University of Melbourne as part of the 15th Australasian Bat Society Conference. This forum is for: • Government environmental & biodiversity officers • Ecological consultants, arborists, landscape planners • Educators and students […]

ARCUE Scientists Close Hume Highway

On a Saturday in June of last year, traffic on the busy Hume Highway near Benalla was diverted for an unusual reason. The first of three rope bridges and three ‘glider poles’ were being installed to provide a means for squirrel gliders, possums and other native animals to pass safely across the road. The bridge […]