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The Role of Stormwater Retention Ponds in Maintaining Populations of Birds and Frogs

Stormwater retention ponds are commonly created in new residential and industrial estates, as well as along roads, to mitigate the impact of stormwater runoff on urban waterways. Retention ponds also provide habitat for wildlife and green open spaces for human recreation, and have the potential to mitigate wetland loss in urban areas. However, the factors […]

Frogs in Urban Ponds in Greater Melbourne

Dr. Andrew Hamer has recently completed the field research part of a project that investigated the effects of urbanisation on frog communities. His main aim was to find out what local habitat variables were responsible for the number of frog species observed breeding at ponds in urban areas. Andrew surveyed frogs and tadpoles between November […]

Traffic Noise Changes Frog Calls and Bird Song

Many animals use sound to communicate with each other – to attract mates, defend territories, beg for food, or warn of danger from approaching predators. Background noise makes it harder for animals to hear a song or a call. The number of roads and the volume of traffic that travels on them have been increasing […]