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‘Our Nocturnal Neighbours’ – weekend bat talks, Field Naturalists’ Club of Victoria (FNCV), 24-25 August 2013

Two consecutive days of fascinating talks on bats were given on the weekend 24-25 August 2013, held at the Field Naturalists’ Club of Victoria, Blackburn. About 30 people, ranging from wildlife carers to FNCV members, came to learn more about bats (both microbats and the big Grey-headed Flying Foxes) and some also enjoyed half day […]

Managing our nocturnal neighbours – public forum

A special public forum exploring the interactions between people and bats in a rapidly urbanising world will be held on April 11th at the University of Melbourne as part of the 15th Australasian Bat Society Conference. This forum is for: • Government environmental & biodiversity officers • Ecological consultants, arborists, landscape planners • Educators and students […]