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“Saving Australia’s wetlands from tenacious willows” – the Bogong High Plains, Alpine National Park

An interview on ABC’s Radio National with Dr Joslin Moore from the National Environmental Research Program’s Environmental Decisions Hub and ARCUE (Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne) explains the most appropriate way, at present, to deal with invading non-native willows in important bog areas such as the Bogong High Plains (in Victoria’s Alpine National Park).

The new strategy calls for an exclusive focus on eradicating willows within the threatened bog areas. The research looked at the uncertainties present in willow management and devised a modelling program with projections for different management strategies. The research was carried out in collaboration with Parks Victoria and other land managers in the region and will inform the development of an Alpine Bog Recovery Plan.

ABC interview (30 January 2013)

Media release

Research article “Combining structured decision making and value-of-information analyses to identify robust management strategies” by Joslin L. Moore and Michael C. Runge, published in Conservation Biology




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