ARCUE Staff & Students

Senior Research Staff

Mark J. McDonnell Director
Rodney van der Ree Deputy Director
Amy K. Hahs GIS Ecologist
Andrew J. Hamer Ecologist
Dave Kendal Ecologist, has moved to the University of Melbourne’s School of Ecosystem and Forest Sciences

Administrative and Research Assistants 

Julia Stammers Director’s Assistant
Indira Senaratne Finance Officer
Lee Harrison Research Assistant
Kylie Soanes Post-doctoral Fellow
Briony Mitchell Research Assistant
Alison Farrar Research Assistant (casual) /Masters student

PhD Students

Zoë Metherell
Manisha Bhardwaj
Chris W. Stewart
Gary Veale  

Masters Students

Olga Tsui
Alison Farrar

Recently completed PhD Students

Tanja Straka
Kylie Soanes
Caroline Wilson
Briony Norton
Cynnamon Dobbs-Brown

Honorary Associates

Michael A. McCarthy
Kirsten M. Parris
Nicholas S. G. Williams
John W. Morgan
Joslin L. Moore
Chris Ives
Fiona Caryl