MeNUER seminar 2012

MeNUER seminar 2012 

Thursday March 29, 2012, starting at 9:30am

Room G26/27, Botany Department
The University of Melbourne

The inaugural seminar program is aimed at bringing together early career researchers from a diversity of urban ecosystem research backgrounds and research groups to discuss their work, share ideas and network in an informal and supportive environment.


Time Speaker
9:30:00 The MeNUER team Welcome and houskeeping
9:40:00 Mark McDonnell Welcome and introduction from ARCUE
9:55:00 Chris Walsh Welcome and introduction from the Urban Streams group
10:00:00 Jackie Myers Introduction to CAPIM + Microalgae as indicators
10:15:00 Geoff Vietz Impacts of urbanisation on stream geomorphology and implications for stream health
10:30:00 Kathryn Hassell Estuarine biomonitoring using small fish
10:37:30 Perrine Hamel The role of raingardens in low flow hydrology
10:45:00 Fi Caryl Landscape ecology of microbats in Melbourne: urbanisation’s winner and losers
10:52:30 Dave Kendal Plant traits link people’s attitudes to gardening behaviour
11:00:00 Luis Mata Bugs in golf courses
11:07:30 Steve Sinclair Grassland conservation in the face of urban development on Melbourne’s fringe
11:15:00 Morning tea
11:45:00 Steve Livesley Introduction to GIRG
11:52:30 Cynnamon Dobbs Analysis of urban forests: structure, composition and ecosystem services
12:07:30 Eddie Tsyrlin Current Melbourne Water studies in urban streams
12:22:30 Trish Grant Melbourne Water data sets – what data is being collected on waterways?
12:30:00 Annie Hunter Block Green facades to cool urban environments and reduce energy consumption
12:37:30 Ascelin Gordon An overview of the Interdisciplinary Conservation Science Research Group at RMIT
12:45:00 Briony Norton The sanitisation of urban ecosystems: Leaf litter and arthropods in urban eucalypt woodlands
12:52:30 Melissa Klamt Direct and indirect effects of the platypus as a bioturbator: Field experiments on an ecosystem engineer
13:00:00 Lunch
13:30:00 Ben Cooke How the material environment interacts with social relations to produce the biodiversity management practices of ‘tree-change’ landholders
13:45:00 Teresa Mackintosh Influences of multiple stressors on biodiversity and ecosystem function in urban wetlands
14:00:00 Sam Imberger A long-term before-after-control-reference-impact study of stream restoration: The Little Stringybark Creek Project
14:07:30 Nicole Barbee Using native fish embryos to detect heavy metal pollution in estuarine sediments
14:15:00 Zoe Metherall Creating the green city – linking ecology, sustainability & landscape architecture
14:22:30 Julia White Is the influence of reach-scale riparian forest and instream structural diversity on stream macroinvertebrates diminished by catchment urbanisation?
14:30:00 Tony Lovell Shrimps in the big smoke
14:37:30 Sarah Maclagan Living on the edge: The ecology of the southern brown bandicoot in Melbourne’s urban fringe
14:45:00 Short Break
15:00:00 Rhys Coleman Dwarf Galaxias
15:15:00 Matthew J Burns Hydrologic shortcomings of conventional urban stormwater management and opportunities for reform
15:30:00 Chris Ives Values of agricultural land on the fringe
15:37:30 Tanja Straka The role of water bodies for microbats in urban areas
15:45:00 Montserrat Lara Integrating habitat modelling and decision analysis for platypus management actions in the Melbourne Water region
15:52:30 Kristal Burry Redesigining urban precincts to capture and reuse stormwater for multiple productive uses
16:00:00 Dave Sharley tbd
16:07:30 …a slot just in case…
16:15:00 Afternoon tea
16:30:00 Tim Fletcher Workshop
17:30:00 The MeNUER team Wrap up and future plans
17:40:00 Drinks & Pizza – In the Systems Garden, weather permitting (and the forecast is looking promising!)