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Congratulations to Briony Norton, recent PhD student of ARCUE/University of Melbourne, on new job as a Research Associate at the University of Sheffield, UK!

Our congratulations to Briony Norton, who finished her PhD at ARCUE and the University of Melbourne just last year – she has now moved to the UK to start work as a Research Associate at the University of Sheffield, in the area of urban ecology and ecosystem services.

Briony’s position is one of six postdoctoral positions of the consortium research team (two are at each of Sheffield University, Cranfield University and Exeter University), using a major grant awarded from the UK’s NERC (National Environment Research Council) Biodiversity and Ecosystem Service Sustainability programme to investigate the role of biodiversity in the provision of ecosystem services in urban environments. She will be mostly working on measuring invertebrate biodiversity in urban green space fragments and some regulating services.

For more information on the project, click here.

Briony and ARCUE will be keeping up contact and continue sharing ideas and information on the urban ecology world, and we wish her all the best with her new job and settling in to life in a new country.


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