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Special Visitor to ARCUE – Prof Nancy Grimm (CAP-LTER, USA)

ARCUE was delighted to host a visit by Professor Nancy Grimm, PI and Director of the Central Arizona-Phoenix LTER, and Professor at the School of Life Sciences, Arizona State University, USA on 24th October 2014. During her visit, Nancy met with ARCUE staff, students and other urban ecologists in Melbourne, who shared their current research […]

John Morgan’s Blog on Extinction Debt in Melbourne’s Grasslands

John Morgan is a world leading grassland ecologist at La Trobe University and is a Research Fellow at ARCUE.  He has conducted pioneering research on Australian grasslands for over 15 years and is passionate about preserving, managing and enhancing our disappearing native grassland ecosystems. Over the past 3 years John has worked with ARCUE staff […]

Melbourne visit by Prof Thomas Elmqvist

Professor Thomas Elmqvist from the Stockholm Resilience Centre was in Melbourne during the last week of February 2014.  He was in Melbourne to promote “Urbanization, Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services: Opportunities and Challenges”, the scientific report behind “Cities and Biodiversity Outlook – Action and Policy”. The book was officially launched in Melbourne on Wednesday, 26 February […]

Australian Academy of Science award for Dr Rodney van der Ree

The Australian Academy of Science has announced the 2014 winners of its prestigious annual awards for scientific excellence, and Dr Rodney van der Ree, Deputy Director of ARCUE, has been awarded the Graeme Caughley Travelling Fellowship in ecological science. The objectives of the Academy, founded in 1954, are to promote science through a range of […]

Survey of urbanites asks who needs nature and why?

Amy Hahs of ARCUE has been collaborating with Lucy Taylor and Dieter Hochuli at The University of Sydney, on a research project investigating the relationship between urban animal and plant life and human wellbeing using a comparative approach across four cities. As part of her PhD research, Lucy is currently conducting an online survey examining […]

People, green space and biodiversity: insights from research in urban Australia

Amy Hahs recently had the chance to visit researchers at The University of Sheffield, England, where she co-presented an extra ecology seminar on “People, green space and biodiversity: insights from research in urban Australia” with Caragh Threlfall and Christopher Ives.  Following the presentation, we had the chance to speak with Phillip Warren and Karl Evans […]

1st Congress of the Society for Urban Ecology (SURE) – by Chris Ives and Tanja Straka

The 1st Congress of the Society for Urban Ecology took place in Berlin, Germany, from 25th-28th July 2013.  Urban ecology researchers and students from all five continents came together to share their research and ideas through presentations, symposia and valuable discussions. It was evident from the academic and professional breadth of delegates and the topics […]

Tracking the elusive Brush-tailed Phascogale

  ARCUE, in collaboration with VicRoads, are undertaking a study of the road-crossing behaviour and habitat use of Brush-tailed Phascogales in the Watson’s Creek area (near the Sugarloaf Reservoir between Hurstbridge and Yarra Glen, NE of Melbourne). Brush-tailed Phascogales are small (approximately 200g, and about the size of a rat), arboreal, carnivorous marsupials from the […]

Sunshine Diuris Structured Decision Making (SDM) workshop – saving an orchid from extinction

Experts were gathered at the School of Botany, University of Melbourne, to participate in a 2-day SDM workshop in April 2013 in relation to Diuris fragrantissima, an endangered orchid restricted only to Sunshine in the western suburbs of Melbourne, and to Altona with reintroductions. The workshop was facilitated by Joslin Moore and Rodney van der […]

Congratulations to Briony Norton, recent PhD student of ARCUE/University of Melbourne, on new job as a Research Associate at the University of Sheffield, UK!

Our congratulations to Briony Norton, who finished her PhD at ARCUE and the University of Melbourne just last year – she has now moved to the UK to start work as a Research Associate at the University of Sheffield, in the area of urban ecology and ecosystem services. Briony’s position is one of six postdoctoral […]