Studying at ARCUE

ARCUE staff supervise Postgraduate students, usually through the University of Melbourne.

Potential postgraduate students should contact relevant staff to discuss possible projects. Further information on postgraduate study in the School of BioSciences at the University of Melbourne can be found for either the Master of Science or the Master of Environment, and Melbourne Scholarships can provide information on postgraduate scholarships and awards.

Examples of previous student projects undertaken at ARCUE include:

  • Spatial patterns of urbanisation in Melbourne and their influence on vegetation and avian species
  • The effects of roads and traffic as a barrier to the Yellow-footed Antechinus
  • Spatial seedbank dynamics and plant invasions in Victoria’s Western Basalt Plains
  • Measuring the success of riparian revegetation projects on the Merri Creek: Assessment of plant survivorship and community structure
  • The effects of urbanisation on Leptospermum myrsinoides heathland in the south-eastern suburbs of Melbourne
  • The effects of urbanisation on bryophytes: a case study of Greater Melbourne
  • The effect of highways on the population dynamics of lizards in Victoria
  • The impact of mollusc herbivory on native grasslands
  • Estimating the rate of survival of squirrel gliders near and far from roads
  • The spatial organisation and habitat use by the Sugar Glider in an urban mosaic landscape
  • Detectability of small mammals
  • Effects of roads and traffic on the movement of the Common Brushtail Possum