Our Vision

To foster the survival of viable natural ecosystems and the preservation of biodiversity in urban areas, and to help minimise future human impacts on the natural environment due to the urbanisation of the Australian landscape.

Our Mission

To be a centre for excellence in the study of urban and suburban ecosystems by conducting high quality ecological research, education and commercial activities.  We will contribute to the conservation and management of species and ecosystems in cities and towns, thereby increasing the quality of life for everyone.

Native grassland

Academic Functions

ARCUE conducts basic and applied research which is published in high quality peer-reviewed journals, participates in national and international workshops and symposia, and trains post-graduate students.

Over the last decade ARCUE staff and students have brought high quality ecological data and the understanding of basic ecological processes to bear on problems related to the conservation and management of biodiversity in urban and suburban environments.

ARCUE has focused on training undergraduate and postgraduate students in Universities across Australia, but primarily in Victoria. The presence of graduate students in the centre is important to maintaining high quality research standards and it also trains future scientists in the field of urban ecology.

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Research at ARCUE

Research Collaborations

This element of ARCUE’s activities relates to creating stategic partnerships to collaborate with partner organisations where there are obvious mutual benefits between ARCUE’s research objectives and research required by organisations. Existing examples of this are through partnerships with VicRoads and Parks Victoria that have focused on quantifying and mitigating the impacts of human activities on native flora and fauna populations.

Commercial Partnerships

ARCUE provides high quality, authoritative and independent advice on the preservation, management and restoration of urban biodiversity. Consulting work is informed by research undertaken by ARCUE and the most recent international urban ecology knowledge. Previous consulting projects have included: biodiversity planning, mitigation of the effects of roads on wildlife,vegetation mapping, management of the Grey-headed Flying-fox, and Bayesian Statistics workshops, to name a few.

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